Why Do I Need a Professional Bra Fitting?

Bra Fitting

Consider how much time you devoted to finding that pair of jeans that fit just right … or that cocktail dress that flatters your figure the most … or those heels that are somehow both elegant and comfortable.

All that energy spent on shopping for something you may wear once a week or, in the case of the cocktail dress, maybe only once a year.

Most women wear bras every day. Don’t you deserve to find ones that offer the best fit? Aren’t you curious to discover how a properly fitting bra can impact your appearance and comfort? The professionals at Loretta’s Intimates can help with your bra fitting.

Measurements are just the starting point. We also factor in your preferred bra style and individual body type to determine which bras work best for you. We’ll help you adjust your shoulder and back straps to find the best fit.

Save time and frustration. Discover new styles and sizes. Best of all, amaze yourself with how much better—and even thinner—the right fitting bra can make you look and feel.

What’s My Size?

The short answer to this question is “It depends.” Age, body shape, muscle tone and skin elasticity all impact your bra size. To complicate it further, bras of the same size may fit differently depending on the style and manufacturer. Those are a few of the many reasons why Loretta’s Intimates recommends a professional bra fitting.

If you’re unsure of your bra size, know that you’re not alone. Some industry estimates say that as much as 85 percent of American women wear the wrong bra size. Most of these women simply don’t realize how a bra should properly fit and wear bras too large in the band and too small in the cup.

A bra fits if:

  • The band fits firmly around your body. You need to know you have on a bra. If you don’t know you have a bra on, neither do your breasts.
  • Your breasts fit comfortably in the cups of the bra. There is no "spillage" over the top of the cups. The wire does not cut on the side or bottom of your breast. You are not falling out of the bottom of the bra.

A bra does not fit if:

  • The band is crawling up your back and you constantly tug to pull it back down.
  • The straps continually slip off your shoulders.
  • The middle of the bra is poking through your shirt.
  • Your breasts are spilling out of the cups, which can make you look like you have four breasts under your sweater.

Measuring Your Size (If You Must)

Loretta’s Intimates provides professional and discreet sizing for intimate apparel. We will work with you to determine which bras look and feel best on you. However, we understand that many women feel more comfortable measuring themselves, at least initially as a point of reference.

Here are a few guidelines to follow for self-measurement:

  • A bra consists of two main parts: The band and the cup.
  • The band comes around your body and anchors the bra in place. The size is determined by measuring the area under the breasts. Sizes increase in two-inch increments (32, 34, 36, etc.)
  • If the measurement is less than 40 inches, add three inches to the number. For example, if your measurement is 29 inches, add 3 to get a band size of 32.
  • The cup size reflects the size of your breasts. Remember that full busted is not the same as full figured. A full busted woman can be very small around (for example a 32F), while a full figured woman has a larger band size but may or may not be full busted.
  • To determine the cup size, measure around the fullest part of the bustline. The difference between this measurement and the band size determines the cup size. Each inch represents a cup size. See the chart below for clarification.
Cup size 
A 1 inch difference
B 2 inch difference
C 3 inch difference
D 4 inch difference
DD 5 inch difference
DDD/F 6 inch difference
FF/G 7 inch difference
G/H 8 inch difference
H 9 inch difference
I 10 inch difference

Please note again that sizing varies among manufacturers and styles, especially in fuller cup sizes. A professional bra fitting allows you to try on different bras to be sure of the fit.

How Do I Care for My Bras?

Wearing a bra fitted to your individual shape and tastes enhances your appearance and improves your comfort. Proper care is essential to maintaining the garment’s appearance and shape. Loretta’s Intimates recommends the following “wear and care” guidelines:


  • Avoid wearing your bra more than twice between washings. The elastic in even the finest bras needs to recover after a day of wear.
  • Have a minimum of three basic bras: One to wear, one to wash and one ready to wear.


  • For best results, hand wash your garments in a lingerie wash, then rinse the garments in cool water for a few minutes. This will help restore the garment’s stretch. Lingerie wash can be used for hand washing and machine washing.
  • Wash your lingerie in a delicate detergent specially formulated for bras and fine lingerie. Normal detergents, bleaches and even delicate soaps can destroy elastic and lace.
  • Always line dry your lingerie. Dryers destroy elastic.
  • Do not wring out or twist garments to remove excess water. Twisting the garment can cause snagging and alter the shape of the garment.
  • If you machine wash, always fasten the back hooks of the bra to avoid snagging. Use a lingerie bag for best results.
  • Strap positions may move after wear and washing. Readjust straps to their original position before wearing.

Storage & Traveling

  • Fold your bras gently and store in a lined drawer to prevent misshaping or snagging from uneven surfaces.
  • Use a lingerie travel bag to keep lingerie together and to help avoid crushing in the suitcase.
  • Travel with a small container of your favorite lingerie wash. We recommend Forever New.