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How to Beat the Summer Heat!

By Jeff Fritts 2 years ago 972 Views No comments

It sure feels like the dog days of summer, don’t you think?

How hot is it in North Texas? It’s so hot that wearing the right bra is the difference between sexy and sweaty.

Off the shoulder styles are a perfect way to beat the heat. Pretty and feminine and easy to wear.Summer is perfect for showing off shoulders. Of course, off the shoulder styles require a strapless bra.

I’ve found a great fit for these strapless styles — Wacoal’s Halo Lace is your go-to summer strapless bra.

When I first heard “lace” — I was skeptical. Lace? All lace? Unlined lace? Lace works for B and C cups…and I’m waaaay past that! What about the support I need?

I tried it and the lace construction is definitely cooler to wear. It provides good support with a relaxed fit. It’s extremely flattering under the off the shoulder tops I wear. The fit is not as lifting as my structured strapless…but my girls are supported without the rigid construction of my other strapless bras. I’m cooler too!

I feel like I am not wearing a bra…Wacoal Halo Lace strapless. The “no bra” bra!